Calling All Artists!

LHR Exhibitions. We have three great London venues
where you can showcase your talent.

•  New exhibitions for our three venues
•  Your own solo, group, collaborations and/or themed exhibitions
•  Printmakers, illustrators, painters, fine art, photography and..? 

LHR Exhibitions to date.
No. 1  Ben Rix 04.10.2013, The Lauriston, London
No. 2  Whisper  - In partnership with Rooms 11.10.2013, The Hanbury, London
No. 3  Spectrum - 22.11.2013, The Lauriston, London
No. 4  A is for..?  - 29.11.2013, The Hanbury, London 
No. 5  Double Vision - 07.03.2014, The Lauriston, London
No. 6  Eccentric - 28.03.2014, The Regent, London
No. 7  ZOO  - 11.07.2014, The Hanbury, London
No. 8  This is England  - 22.08.2014, The Lauriston, London
No. 9  Rhyming Slang  - 24.10.2014, The Lauriston, London 

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LHR Exhibitions


An A to Z of all the artists, past, present & future: 

VJ Von Art, Helen Ashton, Maria Athanasiadou 
B Sam Baldwin, Claire Barrett, Eleanor Leonne Bennett,
Mike Betts, Lisa Bodland-Fielding, Phil Bosher,
Samuel BoxerYann Brien
Tom Camp, Tim Carrington, Lucille Clerc, Consume
D Benji Davis, Robert Darch, Matt Day,
This Girl Can Draw, Lucy Driscoll  
E Tim Easley, Johanna Ellerhold, Zak Ezzati 
F Mr Four Fingers, Beaware Finkclever, Simon Fitzmaurice,
Oli Fowler
G Guy Gatier, Patrick Gildersleeves, Barry Goodman
Mr Gresty, All Cats Are GreyHelyn Gulley
H Mark HaywardIain Hector, David Hedberg,
Claire E HindDannielle Hodson, Chris Hood 
I  John Ives 
Ben Javens
K Eleni Kalorkoti, Craig Art Keenan, Doyeon Noro Kim,
Adriana Krawcewicz 
L Rachel Cristyn Lewis, Zhang Liang, Helena Long,
Stephen Loya 
M Fran Marchesi, Amy McCarthy, Esther Mcmanus,
Jessica Miller, Tim Miness, Phil Morgan, David Moscati,
Al Murphy 
N Neoh 
P Nathan James Page iii, Paulmyfinger, Simon Peplow,
Pigghammer, Rob Polak
Q Elliott Quince 
R Benjamin Rider, James Ritchie, Stu Ross, Emma Russell
S Tanja Schimpl, Alex Steiner 
Behrad Taherparvar, Russell Taysom, Thumbcrumble
V Egle Vesk 
W Dylan White, Jessica Wilson, Jamie Winder, Paul Wright,
Sally Wright
Y Cassandra Yap 
Z Primoz Zorko   

In alphabetical order by last name. If you have any updates please let me know?