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This is an archive of smaller or older projects that client often inquire about. 1. Ryker, I branded a children’s shoe shop called Ryker Kids, this is a Tshirt. 2. Smith, is the logo for a all-round creative lady. 3. Is a map guide / treasure map for Broadway Market, East London. 4. Arlie, is the logo for an Oxfordshire based creative. 5. Highgate Primary School, logo, brochure and website (at Earth) 6. Logo, branding and packaging for Definitive Wax. 7. Miles, is the logo for a London based motion graphics designer. 8. My Mr Gresty logo appeared in the Human Logo book. 9. I designed the Forster Inc website. 10. Despina Mina, is the logo for a London based – online product design store. 11. I designed the Commonwealth Connects’ logo, branding and website (at Earth). 12. This is a speaker I created with Technology Will Save Us for The East London Design Store’s 1st birthday. 13. A self promotional postcard. 14. A set of five Lee Kum Kee sauces for the UK. 15. Print for Candoco Dance Company.

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