Free & Fearless – Report by Hacked Off

This new publication brings together editors, investigative journalists and victims of press abuse who support the Leveson system because of the new free speech protections it will introduce to British journalism. Amongst the contributions:

Joan Smith explains how Jimmy Saville fended off journalists for years with threats of libel action – a situation that could be ended by a stroke of the pen, if the Prime Minister and his Culture Secretary commenced the access to justice & free speech protection legislation (section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act) as per the historic cross-party agreement on press regulation.

Canary Editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza explains how her media outlet’s new business model is paying British journalists fairly and investing in a new Investigative Journalism Fund, and how her outlet will benefit from the new free speech protections that could end decades of chilling, and…

Alastair Morgan, brother of Daniel Morgan whose murder is the “most investigated in British history”, explains that he only accepted a Panel into his brother’s death with no judicial powers, on the understanding that Leveson Part 2 – which will have judicial powers – would always be the backstop.

Free and Fearless: an essential guide to new free speech investigations. Response to Whittingdale’s comments at CMS Oral Questions. Cameron’s broken promises on politicians and the press, The facts. Hacked Off response to Sunday Times queries. Betraying the victims of press abuse the facts.

I design and illustrated the 16 page mini-newspaper.

#LevesonNow #ipsofirstyear

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