Gymbox – Westfield London

I was commissioned by Gymbox to create graphics for two studios plus a giant wall stretching 22 metres across the open plan gym. My idea behind the graphics is to create motivational images in your peripheral vision while you workout.

This statement by Gymbox will give you an idea of where they are coming from.

Walk in. Do a double take. Aren’t those DJs? Isn’t this supposed to be a gym? Yes and yes. Only you’re now in the most energising, exhilarating, motivating place London has to get fit, stay fit, and become even fitter. The only place where working out is as much fun as going out.

With 104 different classes every week, an army of Very Personal Trainers to push you to your limits and the best and newest equipment you’ve ever tried to lift, pull, push or beat into submission. Plus, of course, a vibe like no other.

These are the Gymbox gyms that I’ve designed graphics for:
Cannon Street
Westfield London
Westfield Stratford
Plus: MOB45

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