The Failure of IPSO

After the shocking revelations of the phone hacking scandal, the Leveson Inquiry said that the so-called press regulator, the PCC, was ‘not a regulator at all’. The big newspapers behind the failed PCC re-branded it as IPSO. One year on and not a lot has changed, other than its name.

To mark IPSO’s first year anniversary, Hacked Off has compiled a dossier of continuing press abuse and IPSO’s failure to live up to its promises of up front corrections, million pound fines and protecting the public. 

I have designed it all in to an aptly named brochure, ‘The Failure of IPSO’.

I have to admit that I had no idea what the press gets away with, and that I have never noticed the miniature, often so-called corrections not apologies, that they later hide within the inner pages of the publications. This report is a real eye opener.

I also created the banners that were waved high and proud in protest on 8th September, outside of IPSO headquarters, in Farringdon London, to mark its one year anniversary.

See more at Design Week.

#LevesonNow #ipsofirstyear

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