Unspun – The Agency Review

Unspun The Agency Review. This online directory aims to add a new layer of transparency to the UK marketing industry and the way it gives feedback. Unspun is 100% independent and all reviews are vetted rigorously.

The online directory covers 10 marketing disciplines, and recognises integration and full service agencies; Advertising, PR, content & SEO, lead generation, marketing, branding & design, research, media planning & buying, digital and events & experiential. Clients write reviews in their own words and rate their experience using the ranking system.

“It is a simple idea and I hope that people embrace our execution which is fair, honest and transparent. At the beating heart of what we do is a love of this industry and respect for the creative, talented and hardworking individuals within it. The time is right to introduce open and constructive dialogue and we hope that the industry embraces Unspun in the positive way in which it is intended. Integrity is everything for us.” unspun.agency

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