Ustar creates short, exciting and personalised movies, in situations where it is difficult or impossible for consumers to film themselves. Then they deliver the movies instantly to mobile phones, web and social networks.

Entourage BD, Ustar’s business development agency brought me onboard, to create Ustar’s new showreel and website. The brief was to put across Ustar’s three key offers: ORS – On-Ride System, CAM – Composite Action Movie, IMX – Interactive Movie eXperience. While distiling and convey a very complicated and unique technology, in a way that was simple, engaging and more in keeping with the end user experience. I choose to go for an illustrated walk through focusing more on the end users experience which is simple and unique. The showreel is housed in a clear, contemporary home page, which delves deeper in to the products offers.

I created. The storyboard & short film, Illustration & web-design
Miles Christensen’s motion design brought it to life along with the soundtrack of Michael Mikkelsen.

It’s not the 15 minutes of fame Warhol promised to us, but it’s a start…

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