Whisper (LHR) Exhibition


Eye No. 1 + Eye No. 30
These illustrations were created for an exhibition called ‘Whisper’. The exhibition started with a line on text, which was to be the title of my piece, I then passed it on to the next artist, like “Chinese” whispers. They used their interpretation for their piece and so on until I receive the 30th reincarnation of the text which became the title of my second piece.

Here is the full list.
1. Entering the unknown with my eyes half opened – Eye No. 1
2. Mentoring the young gnome with my eyes half open
3. Men touring the unknown white of their skies
4. Men pouring the unknown light of the skies
5. Remembering the un-gnome like disguise
6. Fun gnome bike disguise
7. Funk gnome by discos
8. Dunk phone in thy Bisto
9. Drunk pony in the piste
10. Funk Tony and the fish
11. Factory of the fish
12. Fake tree and the fish
13. Fake limb for a fish
14. Cycling with a fish
15. Cycling With a wish
16. So Clean with a wish
17. Soaking with a witch
18. Soul king with a wish
19. The sole king with a wish
20. The soul ping with a wish
21. The whole thing will exist
22. The whole thought will excite
23. The wall will fall tonight
24. A still small light will fall (to)night
25. A still small call might fill the night
26. Stillness might fill the night
27. Illness might kill the night
28. Ill minds kill in the night
29. I find thrill in the night
30. I found thrills in my sights – Eye No. 30

Line-up. Tom Camp, Nathan Gotlib, Chris Hood, Mr Four Fingers, Drawn by Hind, Nathan James Page, Eleni Kalorkoti, Lisa Bodland-Fielding, Simon Peplow, Al Murphy, Robert Darch, Simon Fitzmaurice, Elliott Quince, Ben Javens, Patrick Gildersleeves, Pigghammer, Neoh, Tanja Schimpl, Tim Easley, Beaware Finkclever, VJ Von Art, Rob Polak + David Hedberg, Mike Betts, Alexander Steiner, Thumbcrumble, Phil Bosher, Behrad + James,

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